CA Sponsors New Exhibition of the Art of Victor Ambrus

CA is proud to sponsor of a new exhibition at the Museum of Somerset in Taunton which opened on the 23rd of April. This is the first ever exhibition of paintings by Victor Ambrus, best known for his illustration work on the long running Channel 4 archaeology series Time Team. CA chief Executive Neil Holbrook first met Victor during his Time Team days, and more recently Victor has produced some paintings which bring to life some of our major discoveries at Hinkley Point in Somerset. Neil said ‘I was always amazed by Victor’s ability to produce lovely reconstruction paintings from my vague and often incoherent attempts to explain what we were digging up – and when we had to speculate Victor had an uncanny habit of being proved right. He could also produce in a couple of hours paintings that would take many artists days or weeks’.

Neil attended the exhibition launch along with a number of other former Time Team colleagues. The exhibition runs until 2 July.