Cotswold Archaeology is now on the JNAPC – Joint Nautical Archaeology Policy Committee

Our senior marine consultant, Michael Walsh, has just been appointed to the Joint Nautical Archaeology Policy Committee (JNAPC).

The JNAPC was formed in 1988 to raise awareness of Britain’s underwater cultural heritage and to encourage government to afford historic underwater sites the same protection as those on land.  Since its inception the JNAPC has successfully lobbied government on a range of issues including:

  • improved legislation and better reporting of finds;
  • an inventory of underwater sites;
  • the waiving of fees by the Receiver of Wreck;
  • the encouragement of seabed operators to undertake pre-disturbance surveys, which resulted in the Code of Practice for Seabed Developers;
  • greater responsibility by government departments for their historic wrecks;
  • proper management by government agencies of underwater sites; and
  • the education and the training of sports divers to respect and conserve the underwater historic environment.

The JNAPC continues its campaign for the education of all sea users about the importance of our nautical heritage and has been working towards the ratification of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage 2001. Michael is looking forward to representing Cotswold Archaeology on the committee.