In memory of Andrew Lyle – Boxford 2017

Over the weekend we heard the very sad news that Andrew Lyle, one of our long-standing volunteers on the Boxford project, passed away on Saturday morning. Matt Nichol, who worked with Andrew on the project, has these words to say about him.

Andrew Lyle was an incredibly hard working, funny and passionate local Boxford guy whose contribution to the Boxford dig over the years was immense. He was a great team member -always upbeat, always keen to muck in with the heavy excavation, and on quite a few occasions over years I was invited around to his house after a day’s digging for drinks and a meal with he and his wife Tina.

During the very first season in 2013, after the excavation had ended, I was invited around to Andrew’s house so I could complete all site paperwork with another volunteer who had kindly offered to help; he went on to study a degree in archaeology (and became a military officer in the TA). Both volunteers influenced that season of excavation, but Andrew would take this one step further – he was a great cook and entertainer. I will never forget that evening especially.

Ever since 2013, Andrew and I had a running joke together – that I would find him a mosaic. But none of us could ever have foreseen this year’s findings. Andrew’s health was not at all good during this season’s work. However, although in great pain and unable to walk properly, on at least four occasions Andrew managed to make it on to site and contribute for a few hours each time. He was one of the first people to reveal the beautiful colours of the mosaic. I am very proud to have been part of such an incredible season alongside all who took part, but to have given Andrew such a fantastic opportunity to reveal the first colours of the mosaic is a moment I can’t really put into words. We smiled, hugged, shook hands and joked together about the mosaic’s discovery…

Andrew will be greatly missed.

Andrew Lyle

The photo has been provided courtesy of Lindsey Bedford