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Cotswold Archaeology and COVID-19

26.05.2020 update: Cotswold Archaeology is open for business. Read our statement here.

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A rare example of #BronzeAge bark-working technology - a container, possibly a bucket, made of just two separate pieces of bark. Stitched bark containers are known in Britain from the Neolithic onward, and it's likely they had a broad range of uses #Archaeology #Gloucestershire https://t.co/BKNm8eyozc

Malcolm would like to remind everyone that the pandemic is still ongoing, so if you could stop trying to touch his apparently irresistible floof, that would be very much appreciated. We wouldn't even dream of arguing with you, Malcolm... #SirYesSir #KeepYourDistance #CatOfTheDay https://t.co/bcWoOOLkBz

#CASiteTeam uncovered a former clay-pipe factory in #Bath, and this incredible illustration by talented CA #illustrator, Esther, has helped us to identify the shield-mark of Joseph Smith - a pipe maker who ran the factory from 1782 until he sold the business in 1810! #archaeology https://t.co/NOtIYAAymW

Obie heard he can meet up with his mates now. Is really excited, however has spent lockdown hiding tennis balls across his local park. Panicking that when he walks past his stash he'll alert the others. Is off to collect them and hoard them at his house #GoodLuckObie #CatOfTheDay https://t.co/BoQmkrkL0c

Join @BristolMuseum for a FREE talk (via Zoom) tomorrow at 2pm. They'll reveal what happened when they discovered a mysterious and seemingly undocumented box in the #archaeology store, and the curatorial detective work that followed!
Bookings close at 11am https://t.co/GgFmEqNn3R https://t.co/EWxv7Y7zi7

Check out the article on #CASiteTeam's discovery of a #medieval moat near #Tewkesbury, and you might have as much fun as Patricia 😁👍 - https://t.co/9zZjZHTGoL #Archaeology https://t.co/OklEIBvA5P

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Cotswold Archaeology fully understands and accepts its responsibilities for the safety and well-being of our staff, clients and others during the national health emergency brought about by the onset of the COVID-19 virus. We have worked hard over the last month or so to ensure that our operations accord with evolving Government guidance and have…
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