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CA Mick Aston Annual Lecture

Wednesday 12th May. Roman Gloucester’s Eastern Cemetery: Excavations at the Gloscat Redevelopment. Free online event. More info and booking.

Cotswold Archaeology and COVID-19

8.01.2021 update: Cotswold Archaeology is open for business. Read our statement here.

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We offer the full range of heritage and archaeological services from our Andover, Cirencester, Milton Keynes and Suffolk offices. Established for over 30 years with an excellent reputation for quality.

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You've probably noticed we've got a lot of #archaeology going on! This means we're in need of all levels of archaeologist (Trainee to Project Officer) at our #Andover, #Cirencester, #MiltonKeynes and #Suffolk teams. Please share and apply now: https://t.co/bhPN119rcb #CASiteTeam https://t.co/TwJKd16QXb

#CASiteTeam are in need of all levels of archaeologist (Trainee through to Project Officer) to join our #Andover, #Cirencester, #MiltonKeynes and #Suffolk offices.
Please share and apply: – https://t.co/KG3o2CHqOZ
#Archaeology #ArchaeologyCareers #WeAreRecruiting #SendHelp https://t.co/KmtWFtci8u

This leapord-print 'thermokarstic landscape' (right of image) formed under periglacial conditions during the Devensian. It's a set of bumps and dips that can initially look like a human-dug pit cluster!
More #geoarchaeology geeking-out, here: <a href="https://t.co/ldErcxbUqe🤓 #Archaeology" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://t.co/ldErcxbUqe🤓 #Archaeology https://t.co/9qvbN5KLNt

A 'thermokarstic landscape' (the snazzy leopard-print pattern on the right-hand side of this site) which formed under periglacial conditions during the Devensian. It's a series of bumps and hollows that can initially look like a human-made pit cluster #Archaeology #Geoarchaeology https://t.co/3k0JcbItWU


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Fig. 3 Monolith samples being taken from a section of a Roman defensive ditch in Exeter

Over the years, Cotswold Archaeology has been involved in many projects that have included geoarchaeological investigations, and I’ve picked out a few different sites to demonstrate the range of geoarchaeological work we undertake at CA. While geoarchaeology often forms a component of our archaeological projects, occasionally the geoarchaeological work itself represents the principal focus of…
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