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Celebrating 10 years of Cotswold Archaeology at Andover

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Welcome to Cotswold Archaeology

We offer the full range of heritage and archaeological services from our Andover, Cirencester, Milton Keynes and Suffolk offices. Established for over 30 years with an excellent reputation for quality.

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It’s👏 really👏 happening👏 We’ve started stripping at @BrandierProject (searching for the lost #Roman tile kiln), and the team have already uncovered pottery, loads of tile, and what may turn out to be the corner of the kiln’s superstructure! #BrandiersKilnProject #Archaeology https://t.co/PDZRtrjgk0
Time for your #FridayFind fix!🔔 This bell was recovered from a #Roman military site in #Gloucester, just outside the defences of the Kingsholm legionary fortress. It may've attached to horse harness or a wagon. #3D model and info here: https://t.co/pVp6aD8yw4 #Archaeology #CA_VM https://t.co/oMGs2zJ86z
Things are heating up at our #Roman kiln project... 🔥 😏 Tomorrow we start stripping off the turf, ready for our army of betroweled volunteers to arrive! If you didn't know, the site could turn out to be hugely important for the CBM fanatics out there... #Archaeology #Wiltshire https://t.co/ZeY30iv4PV


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This Friday, 1st July, we’ll break ground at our exciting new outreach project – looking to identify whether a large earthwork at Brandiers Farm near Minety, Wiltshire, is a missing Roman-era kiln and a key production centre of ceramic building materials (CBM). The results of a recent geophysical survey (below) of a pronounced earthwork at…
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