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8.01.2021 update: Cotswold Archaeology is open for business. Read our statement here.

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Podiatry, disability and footwear, on the vinegar-stained, tannery-scented streets of medieval Bristol: #Medieval #Bristol #Disability #Archaeology

These are not just shoes. These are... also not M&S shoes. What they are is 'swayed' shoes (the height of #medieval fashion), and what's weird about them is the massive holes on the outside edges, with not much wear anyplace else...: #Archaeology #Bristol

How satisfying is this...? – Expertly cleaned-up by the talented and very patient conservator Pieta, at @DrakonHeritage. Finally we can see his face, and he's absolutely rocking his Hercules topknot! #HipsterCupid #Roman #Archaeology #A417 #Gloucestershire @HighwaysSWEST

Cupid does bathtime! Probably not what the chubby little cherub would've been expecting, posing as the powerful Hercules, but he's here nonetheless. Beautifully cleaned-up by the talented Pieta of @DrakonHeritage. #Roman #Archaeology #A417 @HighwaysSWEST


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The continuing excavations on the site of Jesus College, Cambridge are producing an abundance of artefacts which provide an insight into the daily lives of those who inhabited the medieval nunnery and the later post-medieval College. Post-excavation work is in its early stages, but a quick glance at the metalwork and small stone items has…
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