Training and development

We recognise the importance and benefit of training and continuing professional development so that individual employees achieve their potential and the company continues to thrive and move forward. Our Training Policy contains a set of clear objectives including the need to provide all employees with the technical training required to carry out their roles safely and effectively, and to ensure an effective skill base exists across each team/department to facilitate project management and succession planning.

We fully support and follow sector guidelines in relation to Continuing Professional Development (CPD); all employees follow a personal Performance Management Programme, which incorporates their Personal Development Plan (comprising business and personal objectives), CPD log, and records of their performance reviews (carried out at annually). Every new member of staff works through an induction programme with regular reviews on progress.

Many of our team leaders and managers have progressed through the business, learning through experience and from mentors.

Training Solutions

We use the expertise of external providers for much of our training including specialist knowledge, Health & Safety, and management & leadership. Opportunities are published via notice boards and our intranet, and individuals are encouraged to apply as appropriate.

Internally we make use of:

  • toolbox talks – eg. site specific health and safety, feature interpretation, procedural changes
  • structured sessions – eg. survey methods and technology
  • mentoring – eg. report writing
  • secondments – eg. desk-based assessments
  • talks, lectures and telephone advice – eg. specialist finds
  • structured programmes – eg. Fieldwork Career Development Programme