Marino-CircleExperienced Archaeologist

(8-9 years’ experience, with 1 year in post-excavation)

Moved to Cotswold Archaeology from Italy

Archaeology degree from Italy

Permanent Archaeologist

Why did you become an Archaeologist?

I’ve always been fascinated with history and the past. When I was younger I saw archaeologists in my town – a Roman city – working on a dormus with a floor and mosaic. When I was older, I realised this was archaeology, and recognised that it was an opportunity to see things that ‘normal’ people don’t get to see.

Now my passion is digging archaeology. Being the first person to see something in such a long time – it’s emotive. I put myself in front of an archaeological feature and think why it’s here, what past people did with it, and that connection to our ancestors; I always put myself in the position of the people of the past. It’s a difficult lifestyle – moving all over the country in the field, and a physical job so you are tired at the end of every day. Also, when you have rain it’s ok and when you have wind it’s ok, but if you have rain and wind together it’s not! I moved to England to be with my partner (she’s English), so logistics and friendships were ok for me, but expressing myself in English can be difficult – on the job it’s the same. In moving here, the main barrier for me is needing to develop my communication skills before progressing.

How do you feel about working with CA?

I’ve taken a permanent position at Cotswold Archaeology, for the job security. I like the feel of the company and the Kemble office – the people are nice. It’s a good company to work for, because it’s big in the UK and a lot of the staff are very experienced in their field. In the future I want to stay as a Field Archaeologist, but would apply for a promotion if the right role became available; I need to develop my knowledge of British Archaeology first!