CA’s Milton Keynes office relocates to bigger premises

On the morning of Friday 5th January it was all hands on deck as we prepared for the MK office relocation from Kiln Farm to larger premises at Stonebridge (a grand distance of 3 miles).

a row of boxes stanging next to the wallAcross the office could be heard panicked cries of “Do we have to label EVERYTHING?!”, “I’ve run out of stickers!” and “What’s my ID number again?”. But amidst this there was the joy (?!) of rediscovering long-lost and long-forgotten items buried in desk drawers: a tin containing crumbs of ancient flapjack (Nathan), a plastic tiara from a colleague’s birthday party (Liz), novelty sound-effects toys (Hannah), and those ‘emergency’ tinned pears… (Dr Mark).

Over the weekend the office relocation company (supported by Pete and Sarah) worked their magic, bringing everything across to the new office and leaving it all in the correct place. After some minor technical and practical glitches on Monday morning (including a temporary absence of toilet roll), we are now more or less settled and enjoying the extra space and facilities (ground floor warehouse space for fieldwork and post-excavation, a larger kitchen with seating area, additional toilets and showers).

Thanks to Alli, Pete, Zak, Vicki and Jinny for organising the logistics!

a group of people (MK team) standing in the new office


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