Project: Saxon Rise II

Location: Brixworth, Northamptonshire


CA was appointed as archaeological consultant for the project in 2012 and our involvement has continued throughout all subsequent phases of the development. Our services have so far comprised desk-based assessment, geophysical survey and two phases of trial trench evaluation, each followed by open area excavation. Post-excavation analysis has been undertaken following the completion of the Phase I excavations.

Throughout the project we have been responsive to the requirements of the development programme, and have worked closely with the client to prioritise the excavation of key areas for early release, including compounds and service runs.

Points of interest

The first phase of excavations revealed Late Bronze Age timber structures, Iron Age enclosures with associated ring-ditches, storage pits and a field system.

The second phase of investigation revealed a series of ditched enclosures which contained ring-gullies, pits and postholes, remnants of stone walls, stone surfaces and at least three T-shaped crop drying ovens. The features revealed displayed a good correlation with the results of the preceding geophysical surveys. The site was occupied from the later Iron Age until the 3rd century AD.