Brandiers Farm, Roman tile kiln excavations: Week 3 highlights

John uncover culvert underneath flue

Week 3 at Brandiers Farm has had many big breakthroughs! From finding wooden planks in the ‘Pit of Doom’, finding a culvert running underneath the tile kiln flue, finding the 100th stamped tile, finding several complete or near complete tiles, and even finding more phases of the kiln. This week has gone to show that…
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Brandiers Farm, Roman tile kiln excavations: Week 2 highlights

Tile found stamped with TPFA

Week 2 at our Minety excavations have drawn to a close, and so many spectacular discoveries were made last week!

Brandiers Farm: Roman kiln excavations begin again!

We lost ground at Mintey last week… but for us that’s a good thing! The 2023 season of the Minety Roman kiln excavations has started off strong! A team of volunteers have joined our site team and the ‘big yellow trowel’ to remove all the topsoil and last year’s backfill from the trenches. That means…
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Kelmscott Community Archaeology: Searching for an ancient settlement

Senior Project Officer, Chris talks to volunteer Debbie about the finds from the ditch she is excavating at Kelmscott Community Archaeology

The second season of the Kelmscott Community Archaeology Research Programme (CARP) continued with an archaeological trial trench evaluation of two fields in the village. The evaluation built on the results of last year’s test pit excavations with volunteers and local schools, magnetometer and resistivity geophysical survey by the South Oxfordshire Archaeological Group (SOAG), and this…
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New archaeological discoveries at City Campus, Gloucester

Cliff Bateman excavating new archaeological discoveries at City Campus, Gloucester

A section of an 18th century church’s external wall and porch have been uncovered for the first time, during our excavations at the site of University of Gloucestershire’s new City Campus development in Gloucester. The University commissioned us to carry out an excavation at the location of the former Debenhams building, in an area between Eastgate…
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Mirror, mirror (not) on the wall: another look at a find from Burwell…

Figure 1: the amulet from Burwell

For archaeologists, the re-appraisal and re-interpretation of finds, features and sites are key elements of post-excavation. In our web article from February the 14th this year, we featured what we thought at the time was a medieval love-amulet. Found during our 2021 excavations at Burwell, Cambridgeshire, this unusual object bears both apotropaic and love-themed inscriptions.…
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Weighty finds uncovered at A40 Park & Ride excavations

One of the loomweights held in a hand

Our Milton Keynes team have uncovered two loomweights at A40 Park & Ride, during their excavations in Eynsham, Oxfordshire. They’ve identified the remains of a Middle Iron Age farmstead, including at least three roundhouses, two of which (A and B, as on the plan) contained one near-complete and one partial loomweight. The near-complete loomweight recovered from…
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Exceptionally rare, Early Bronze Age, worked Golden Eagle bone pin

This worked Golden Eagle bone (first phalanx, or toe bone) was found in the Early Bronze Age cremation burial of a child, discovered during A40 excavations in Eynsham, Oxfordshire, and is currently the only example found in a funerary context in England! One other similar example has been identified in Scotland, also associated with the…
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‘Eagle’-eyed archaeologists uncover Iron Age settlement and rare Bronze Age artefact

View across the site. Archaeologists trowel in the background, while one uses a GPS in the foreground

A Middle Iron Age settlement and an important Early Bronze Age cremation burial of a child, containing an eagle-bone pin, have been uncovered during our excavations on the site of the A40 Science Transit park & ride at Eynsham, Oxfordshire. Our Milton Keynes team undertook the excavation for Balfour Beatty, acting on behalf of Oxfordshire…
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100th artefact added to our Virtual Museum!

For National Museums Week, CA have been celebrating the wonderful finds, data, samples, and records that we have added to museum collections, and our fantastic team who make this happen. And we couldn’t have timed it better ourselves, as today we also celebrate the 100th artefact to be added to CA’s Virtual Museum! Hazel O’Neill…
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Uncovering a Bronze Age barrow cemetery

Excavation of a large ring ditch, with archaeologists visibly digging

Wiltshire is well known for its Bronze Age barrows, especially those that survive within the landscape of the World Heritage site of Stonehenge and on the chalklands of Cranborne Chase. In contrast, little is known of similar sites that existed closer to the medieval city of Salisbury. However, construction of a new residential housing development…
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Revealing Roman lives through environmental remains at Dings Crusaders villa

Dings Roman villa under excavation

Every single day, sometimes without even thinking about it, we use plants or their by-products to live, and for the people of the past things were no different. We use them for cooking, heating, and making clothes, or sometimes we just leave them in a pot on their own for decoration and forget to water…
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