Community Archaeology Project: Week 1

Machine excavation of two archaeological trenches has been completed. Volunteers, with the assistance of Cotswold Archaeology staff, are now undertaking the hand excavation of the archaeological deposits revealed beneath the modern tarmac.

Initial findings of the excavation include:

  • A medieval red tiled floor surface set onto a mortar bedding layer. This was probably the floor of an ancillary building located to the south of the Friary Church. Medieval finds include the base of a late medieval flagon.
  • One of the houses located to the south-east of Priory Place. This was constructed in the late 18th to early 19th centuries and had reused medieval tiles in its floor.This house had a substantial stone built foundation, a basement with a brick floor, plastered walls, a brick built cupboard or pantry and a ‘privy’ in the yard to the rear. Historic maps suggest these houses formed a mirror image of those still standing on the north-western side of Priory Place.
  • A series of brick walls forming part of the basement of Bowling Green House (later known as Friars Orchard) which eventually became part of Crypt School. A cement lined tank or cistern within the basement once had a vaulted roof and may have stored rainwater.

Over the next 2 weeks the excavation will hope to:

  • Reveal more of the medieval floor surface and any contemporary archaeological features and understand how they relate to the Friary Church
  • Record and understand the basement structures of both Bowling Green House (Friars Orchard) and the house off Priory Place
  • Remove part of the basement floor of the house off Priory Place to reveal the underlying earlier archaeological deposits

Our Information Panel near the Greyfriars Friary Church will be updated weekly with details of the latest discoveries. Watch this space!

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