Community Archaeology Project: Week 2

Over the past two weeks volunteers with the assistance of Cotswold Archaeology staff have been undertaking the hand excavation and recording of the archaeological deposits and structures revealed within the archaeological trenches.

Findings of the excavation include:

  • More of the medieval tiled floor has been uncovered. The floor is constructed of square red tiles arranged in a diamond pattern. The tiles are heavily worn with little of the original glazed decoration remaining suggesting the floor was in use over a long period.
  • A wall foundation identified to the north-west probably corresponds to a wall of the large rectangular building shown on the 1852 Board of Health Map. This building was later replaced by the houses to the south-east of Priory Place.
  • A number of earlier rubbish pits have been uncovered beneath the basement floor of the house located to the south-east of Priory Place. These contain domestic debris including pottery, clay pipes, glass and animal bone and probably date from to the 18th century or slightly earlier. The pits had been dug through a layer of building rubble/demolition material.
  • A brick wall with stone foundation has been uncovered to the rear of Friars Orchard and is believed to be the rear wall of the coach house.

The final week of the excavation will hope to:

  • Excavate the post-medieval rubbish pits beneath the basement floor of the house off Priory Place and investigate the underlying building rubble/demolition deposits
  • Excavate alongside the basement walls of Friars Orchard to understand how the walls were constructed and to reveal any underlying earlier archaeological deposits
  • Complete the recording of the revealed archaeological features and deposits. This will involve photographs, hand-drawn plans and sections, written descriptions and GPS survey

Following the completion of the excavation the trenches will be carefully backfilled to preserve the archaeological remains in situ.

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