Boxford Community dig

From 2013 onwards, Cotswold Archaeology have been involved in a community archaeology project alongside the BHP (Boxford History Project) and Berkshire Archaeology Research Group in Boxford, West Berkshire. We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this fantastic project. You can find out more about what was discovered over the three seasons of excavations here.

Season 2019 has started!

The 2019 season of excavation was the final year and an unexpected bonus for us all. The further investigation of the Mud Hole villa and its mosaic only went ahead as a result of the generosity of a range of funding partners and individual who contributed to the cause. Enough money was raised to allow two trenches to be excavated and it is true to say that the results did not disappoint.

Our story

Funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund, “Revealing Boxford’s Ancient Heritage” involved investigating three closely linked Roman sites near to the village of Boxford in West Berkshire. The project culminated with the fantastic discovery of a major Roman mosaic, described by experts as the most important new mosaic find from Britain in the last 50 years. Further excavation in 2019 were funded by a range of groups and individuals who have allowed this unique discovery to be brought to life.

Click on the links below to find out more about each season of excavation:

Don’t forget to check out this first-hand report by Lindsey Bedford, vice chairman at Berkshire Archaeology Research Group and Boxford volunteer, revealing circumstances of the discovery of the mosaic. We’ll be releasing regular updates from her report over the coming weeks via the link below:

Mud Hole 2017 – Boxford  2017 and discovery of the mosaic.

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