Boxford  2017 and discovery of the mosaic

In summer 2017 a community archaeology project in Boxford, West Berkshire unearthed a rare and beautifully preserved Roman mosaic. Experts soon hailed it as the most exciting discovery of its kind in Britain for half a century.

Lindsey BedfordAbout the author

Lindsey Bedford is vice chairman at Berkshire Archaeology Research Group (BARG). She was involved in the project from 2013 to 2018 as co-project leader. Her excellent diary, “Mud Hole 2017 – Once in a lifetime”, reveals circumstances of the discovery of the mosaic.

Mud Hole 2017 – Once in a lifetime:

Part I: The adventure begins

Part II: First findings

Part III: The dream come true

Part IV: More findings and exposing the mosaic

Part V: Fame and glory of the Boxford project


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