Educational material & programme

As part of the ongoing excavations in the Redcliff Quarter, Oxford and Cotswold Archaeology (OCA) are working with an external educational consultant to develop an important educational resource.

Dedicated to engaging children with archaeology from a young age, the educational resource pack is intended to raise awareness of how archaeology can be encompassed within the classroom and enhance learning. Materials will be provided for both teachers and children.

If you are interested in finding out more details about the resource or would like to be involved, please contact

Educational material available to download:

Information boards

Historical Timeline of Bristol A2 (2.95MB)

A Suburb of medieval Activity A3 (2.95MB)
Redcliff Quarter Investigations 2006-2016 A3 (157KB)
Redcliffe Connections A3 (2.18MB)

The Suburb of Redcliffe A5 (564KB)
The Redcliffe Quarter Excavations A5 (1.02MB)
Latest Discoveries and What’s Next A5 (1.07MB)

What am I looking at A3 (1.15MB)
Who am I and what am I doing A3 (2.94MB)
Recent artefacts found from Redcliff Quarter A3 (1.56MB)

Children’s activity sheets

Word Search 1: Archaeology (3.6MB)
Word Search 2: Materials (251KB)
Word Search 3: Medieval (83KB)
Word Search 4: Historic Periods (108KB)

Colouring in sheet 1: Pot face (63KB)
Colouring in sheet 2: Pottery Vale Ware (64KB)
Colouring in sheet 3: Saponified fat (67KB)

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