Talks and Tours

a group of people standing in the middle of excavation areaAs part of our continuing programme of community engagement, several interested local groups joined us on three executive Saturdays to experience the ongoing archaeological discoveries at Redcliff Quarter.

Visitors included members of several local historical and archaeological societies, members of Bristol Forum, and residents who have been following our progress. Guided by archaeologists Vix, Josh, Dani and Andy, and Community Engagement Co-ordinator Emily, visitors were able to hear all about our ongoing excavations and some of the spectacular features and finds that have emerged over the project.

Following the site visit visitors were offered hot refreshments at the Church of St Thomas the Martyr, much needed after the wet and windy conditions. Thank you for braving that awful weather.

Thanks to the spectacular time-lapse content produced by the archaeologists on-site and our in-house geomatics experts, we showcased information panels and this material within the church alongside an assortment of finds presented by Finds Officer Jacky. Our archaeologists were also on hand to answer any questions and the finds on display included those from the previously excavated Phase 1 and ongoing Phase 2. These included fragments of pottery both made locally and imported from the continent, glazed roof tiles, clay tobacco pipes and items of personal adornment. You can view some of these finds here online.

Bristol and Bath’s Young Archaeologist Club (YAC) also visited the site towards the end of September. Divided into groups, members were able to undertake hands on archaeology workshops alongside the site visit. Displays, information and activities were laid out within the Church of St Thomas the Martyr and on hand to discuss the site’s story and what being an archaeologist is really like, were Vix, Jess and Emily.

OCA is dedicated to delivering outreach and community engagement programmes, using both on and off-site approaches and digital technology, to help widen access for engagement and participation for communities and their heritage. OCA are committed to continuing to engage and connect local communities and their heritage, and feedback is always sought after. Do contact us at

A special thank you must be mentioned to the Churches Conservation Trust for use of Church of St Thomas the Martyr for these events.

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