National: Roman Grey Literature Project

Roman Grey Literature Project

Cotswold Archaeology and the University of Reading have been working on a project for English Heritage since 2007 to assess the research potential of grey literature in the study of Roman period in England. One of our main project aims was to investigate how the results of commercial archaeology have informed regional and national synthesis. To date we have completed a rapid assessment of the number of investigations that have taken place in England which encountered Roman archaeology, where they were located, and the proportion that have reached conventional publication. This Stage 1 Project Report and associated databases is available at the Archaeology Data Service.

Stage 2 comprised a more detailed assessment of the research potential of grey literature in four pilot areas (Essex, Somerset, Warwickshire and South and West Yorkshire combined). The project databases relating to this part of the project are also available at the Archaeology Data Service.

A paper summarising the results of Stages 1 and 2 can be downloaded:

Full citation: Fulford, M.G. and Holbrook, N. 2011 ‘Assessing the Contribution of Commercial Archaeology to the Study of the Roman Period in England, 1990-2004’, Antiquaries Journal 91, 323-45

Report published by the Society of Antiquaries of London in their journal The Antiquaries Journal.

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