Cotswold Archaeology Trebles in Size in Four Years

Despite uncertain market conditions, Cotswold Archaeology is delighted to announce that it has trebled in size in the last four years. Our recently published annual accounts for the financial year April 2015 to March 2016 show that the company now has a turnover of over £9 million and over 175 professional staff who work out of our offices in Andover; Cirencester; Exeter and Milton Keynes.

Neil HolbrookCommenting on the results CA Chief Executive Neil Holbrook, who celebrated 25 years with the company this summer, said

“This remarkable growth vindicates our policy of opening offices in Milton Keynes (in 2011); Andover (2012) and Exeter (2015). Not only have we succeeded in widening the geographical footprint of our projects, we have used our new bases to attract more high-quality experienced archaeologists into the company. So we have managed to grow the company while maintaining the reputation for quality and customer service which underpins all we do. Not only have we grown our staff and other resources, we have also increased our reserves. This provides us with enviable financial security and resilience.

Personally I have always been of the belief that if we concentrate on the archaeology, and act in a professional and business-like way, then the numbers will look after themselves. We have so many excellent archaeologists in the company now that it is natural that they want to work on the best and most demanding projects. I am delighted that we have succeeded in securing these opportunities. We look to the future with optimism.”