Cotswold Archaeology visit to local Brownies group

Our Outreach & Community Engagement Officer, Caroline Adams, recently visited the South Cerney Brownies to help the children achieve their archaeology badge.  Activities included the Brownies comparing archaeology with palaeontology through group discussions and matching images to the correct discipline, and making ‘pinch’ pots: re-creating prehistoric pots with additional decorations using simple tools and fingertips.

Caroline also brought a ‘hands-on’ outreach collection of artefacts including pottery, oyster shells and coins to study and pass around the group for closer inspection.  The children loved being able to handle real archaeological artefacts, which was shown in the amount of enthusiasm and questions they had!

Emily Taylor, the Snowy Owl at the South Cerney Brownie group, said: ‘on behalf of the unit, thank you so much for attending. The Brownies responded really well to you and it was an excellent session.’

Caz Adams

South Cerney Brownies making their prehistoric pinch pots
South Cerney Brownies making their prehistoric pinch pots


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