Reflections on the Staffordshire hoard, an unparalleled collection of glittering war-gear from 7th century AD Britain

Date & Time

12 Mar 2024    
6:15 pm - 7:15 pm

Chris Fern

The Staffordshire Hoard is the largest ‘treasure’ ever found from the early medieval period, discovered by a metal detectorist near Lichfield (north of Birmingham), in July 2009. It contains a unique combination of extraordinary objects ― mostly of the warrior elite but also with stunning items of the emerging church. Made mainly between c. 570 and c. 650 AD, almost all are in gold or silver, many with inlaid garnets, and they display exquisite craftwork and artistry. They include fittings dismantled from swords, saddles, reliquaries, a cross-standard and a kingly helmet. This talk will review the collection and consider how it has transformed our understanding of the period.

Venue: UCL Institute of Archaeology Room 612, WC1H 0PY

Host: UCL Institute of Archaeology/British Museum Medieval Seminar Series

Tickets: FREE

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