Weyhill Execution Cemetery

Date & Time

26 Jan 2024    
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Sharon Clough

In 2016 Cotswold Archaeology excavated a site prior to the construction of a new Aldi store, at Weyhill Road, on the western fringes of Andover, in Hampshire. While there was some evidence for late Iron Age and Roman activity at the site, the most significant discovery was a Saxon and medieval cemetery containing the graves of 124 people. The skeletal remains were carefully analysed by CA osteoarchaeologist, Sharon Clough, and the group was found to be very unusual indeed. Where sex could be determined, almost all of the individuals were adult males (only three confirmed females were present), and young adults aged between around 18 to 25 years were most common; no young children were identified. This is not what would be expected of a ‘typical’ cemetery, representative of a normal population. It is, however, consistent with the profile of an execution cemetery.

Venue:  Guildhall, Andover SP10 1NT

Host: Andover History and Archaeology Society

Tickets: Free to members, £3 for non-members (pay at the door)

Weyhill Road cemetery

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