Cotswold Archaeology is Thirty!

happy birthday sign made with cloudsCotswold Archaeology is 30 years old. It is hard to remember our very small beginnings in 1989, when money was incredibly tight and we existed very much on a hand to mouth basis. Today we are a very different animal with four offices and over 220 staff. Our journey over the past three decades has taken us to many different parts of the country, where we have researched sites and structures which span the whole human history of the British Isles (although of course in archaeological terms we only became an island relatively recently!). The golden thread that runs through the last thirty years is the love of the past which all of us who work for Cotswold possess. That is what gets us out of bed in the morning, even desk-jockeys like me.

When we celebrated our 25th birthday five years ago we put together a booklet of 25 archaeological highlights. So I thought it would be fun to update this with another five highlights (see below) to bring us up to date. Each week for the last five weeks, we posted a story about a site we have investigated since 2014. The choice is very much a personal one. They are all projects which I visited in the field and felt excited about as they each had something new and interesting to say about the lives of past inhabitants of our country. It is this process of discovery and the creation of new knowledge that makes what we do so worthwhile. The highlights also ably demonstrate that Cotswold Archaeology investigates some of the very best archaeological sites in the UK.

Neil Holbrook
Chief Executive

Link to Highlight 1 - Brixworth
Link to Highlight 2 - Hinkley
link to the 3rd highlight
Link to Highlight 4