Specialist Academic Advisors

We created a Panel of Specialist Academic Advisors in 2008 to raise the research profile of Cotswold Archaeology and to further validate the quality of our projects and reports. The Panel consists of a wide range of respected archaeologists whose interests and expertise cover the main spheres of our work. In particular, it monitors our publication output and satisfies itself that this is of a consistently high academic and intellectual standard.

Our specialist advisors:

Dr Robert Bewley

Richard Brewer, National Museum of Wales

Professor Joanna Bruck, University College Dublin

Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe, Oxford University

Peter Davenport, Bath

Paul Francis, Airfield Research Group

Professor Duncan Garrow, Reading University

Dr Frances Healy, Cardiff University

Dr Mike Hodder, Birmingham University

Professor Roger Leech, Southampton University

Edward Martin, East Anglia

Professor Tom Moore, Durham University

Sefryn Penrose

Professor Joshua Pollard, Southampton University

Dr Richard Reece, Cirencester

John Rhodes, Gloucester

Professor Steve Rippon, Exeter University

Professor Naomi Sykes, Exeter University