Local authorities can require an archaeological evaluation to clarify the extent, nature and quality of archaeological remains on a site before granting planning consent.

Evaluation techniques can include non-intrusive surveys such as geophysical survey, fieldwalking (collecting artefacts from the surfaces of arable fields) and topographic survey of historic earthworks. The most common evaluation technique is the excavation of trial trenches or test-pits to examine the presence or absence of buried archaeological remains and to determine their significance.

Evaluation - Roman lamp

Cotswold Archaeology can carry out all necessary evaluation works for a project. Using our extensive experience of both urban and rural projects across the UK, we will negotiate a suitable sampling strategy to give the most effective results within the shortest possible timeframe.

Techniques include:

  • UAV/Drone survey
  • Fieldwalking
  • Geophysical Survey
  • Trial Trenching
  • Test pitting/ Boreholes
  • Geoarchaeology