At Cotswold Archaeology, post-excavation work includes everything that happens to the records, digital data, artefacts and samples recovered from a site once the process of excavation has taken place. In general terms this starts with the compilation of project databases and the processing of finds and samples, continues through to the specialist assessment and analysis of the site records and all types of finds and samples, continues on to reporting and publication, and ends with the deposition of the project archive with an accredited repository (often the local museum).

To undertake this work we have a team of well-respected post-excavation experts, including post-excavation managers; finds and environmental specialists; illustrators and photographers; GIS experts; archives professionals; and researchers and authors. We also have a wide network of external specialists and academic advisors to complement our own in-house expertise.

One of our many strengths in post-excavation work is in identifying the appropriate level of reporting required for each project, based on archaeological significance as well as planning requirements. We have an excellent record of publication with our own various series of monographs and reports, within the pages of peer-reviewed national and county journals, and increasingly through our own web-based excavation reports, which are available through the CA Reports Online facility.

pottery vessel

Whilst the majority of our post-excavation work arises from our own excavation projects, we are also able to offer a reliable and cost-effective service for external commissions in all areas of post-excavation work. Primarily this involves Finds and/or Environmental work on behalf of other archaeological organisations, but we are also available to undertake illustration and/or photography commissions (recent work includes photography on the Staffordshire Hoard), as well as measured survey and geospatial analysis.

As well as contributing individual aspects of post-excavation work for other organisations, we have a proven track record in the delivery of post-excavation work on entire projects for third parties, including assessment, analysis and publication reporting. We also have a growing reputation for organising and undertaking specialist archiving services on behalf of other organisations, including other archaeological contractors as well as museums and other established archaeological repositories.