Illustration & Photography

CA’s talented team of Illustrators and Photographers provide the graphics and illustrations for all of our typescript reports and publications, including:

  • Location figures and other map-based graphics;
  • Site plans and sections,
  • Interpretative plans and figures
  • Reconstruction drawings
  • Finds illustrations and photography
Illustration reconstruction
bone weaving comb

Almost all typescripts found in our Reports Online facility include figures created by our Illustration team, with notable examples being Cotswold School, Uley Long Barrow and Bristol Guildhall .The team is particularly proud of recent contributions to CA monographs, including Excavations at 1-2 & 3 Redcliff Street, Bristol (monograph 8) and Living near the Edge (monograph 9).

The team is responsible for the design, compilation and composition of our popular publications such as Crick and A Line through Time, as well as for various project posters and public information panels. The team includes skilled finds photographers who have recently been working on the Staffordshire Hoard, producing scaled photographs of each object.

For an informal chat or further information about the services our Illustration and Photography team could provide for you, contact Dan Bashford (01908 556005).

For a quotation for our Illustration and Photography Services, contact Martin Watts (01285 772605).