Medieval Jug from our Jesus College Excavations

Pottery sherds are a frequent find on archaeological sites and they provide us with a considerable amount of information – what past peoples ate and drank, their daily tasks and wider trading networks, and their likely wealth and status. Our dig at Jesus College, Cambridge, has been no exception and we’ve uncovered this medieval jug, discarded in a refuse pit over 500 years ago and crushed in situ. Cambridge Archaeological Unit’s Assistant Photographer, David Matzliach, has created this 3D video so you can take a look for yourself:

As a point of interest, the purely decorative lead glaze on the vessel (which gives it the name ‘green glazed pottery’) would’ve been applied before firing at around 1000°C; the jug would then have been left to cool for upwards of 12 hours – not a process to be enjoyed by the impatient!

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