Mick Aston Annual Lecture 2021 is on YouTube

For more than a year now we’ve kept largely to our homes due to Covid and haven’t been able to attend events in person that would normally happen throughout the year.  To combat this, Cotswold Archaeology has recently delivered our first online lecture, welcoming over 300 people from the UK and further afield, including the USA, Canada and the Netherlands, reaching a wide audience and enabling people to attend from the comfort of their own homes.

Hosted by Tim Darvill, Cotswold Archaeology’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, our Mick Aston Annual Lecture focused on Roman Gloucester’s Eastern Cemetery, including thought-provoking contributions by Andrew Armstrong, Gloucester City Council’s archaeologist, and our very own Mary Alexander, Sharon Clough and Philippa Walton. Focusing on the site, its finds and skeletal evidence, the lecture gives a fascinating insight into the richness of Gloucester’s Roman past.

Lecture attendees left feedback full of praise for the event – ‘this was an interesting variation from the traditional lecture format – the organizers and speakers are to be congratulated on this successful innovation. The online delivery also allowed a national and international audience to participate,’ with the webinar containing ‘a variety of speakers with the right level of content for an audience of interested people who have some knowledge or experience of archaeology.’

For those of you who weren’t able to join us during the live event, we’ve recently uploaded this year’s lecture for you to watch at your leisure – so grab a drink, sit back and relax while we tell you about this incredible Roman cemetery site in the heart of Gloucester.

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