Discoveries along the A66 Northern Trans-Pennine Project

Roman copper alloy brooch

As one half of the Oxford Cotswold Archaeology (OCA) Team, we’re up in Cumbria with Oxford Archaeology uncovering Cumbrian history dating back 6,000 years! The A66 Northern Trans-Pennine project covers a routeway that’s been in use for nearly 10,000 years, so we’re excited but not surprised by our latest findings. We’re only halfway through the…
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Cotswold Archaeology’s Carbon Reduction Plan

Cotswold Archaeology's Carbon Reduction Plan

Cotswold Archaeology commits to its first Sustainability and Carbon Reduction Plan As archaeologists we see first-hand how human behaviour impacts the environment, and the changing consequences over thousands of years. This matters just as much today as it did in the past, so we’ve committed to initiatives that advance environmental, economic, and social sustainability for…
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Anglo-Saxon settlement in Suffolk

Middle Anglo-Saxon settlement in Suffolk

Ceolmund’s Enclosure: Middle Anglo-Saxon settlement on the Shotley Peninsula Our excavations in the village of Chelmondiston, on the Shotley Peninsula in Suffolk, have revealed archaeological finds and features of three main periods – Early Iron Age (5th to 8th centuries BC),  Middle Anglo-Saxon (8th/9th centuries AD) and late medieval (12th to 14th centuries). The site…
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Digging for Britain features A417 excavations

A417 discoveries to feature on Digging for Britain

At the A417 near Cheltenham, in the shadow of Crickley Hill Iron Age hillfort, our team have uncovered an unusual Iron Age ‘banjo enclosure’, a ceremonial Iron Age landscape, and been interviewed and recorded by Professor Alice Roberts for the latest series of Digging for Britain.  You can hear all about the use of this unusual enclosure and…
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Findings from a medieval moated farm in Tewkesbury

Cowfield was an 18th-century brick farmhouse, but it was surrounded by an earlier moat and redevelopment plans following a fire in 2004 gave our team the opportunity to delve into its forgotten past.

Is Dings Crusaders Roman villa the best Rescue Project of the Year ?

Dings Roman villa under excavation

Who would have thought the Dings Crusaders Rugby Football Club ground was the location of an impressive Roman villa?  This previously unknown Roman villa was revealed by CA during works funded by Redrow Homes before the site was redeveloped for housing.   In December 2022, Current Archaeology featured the results of our work at these disused…
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Finds from the Roman enclosure at Broken Furrow

Cattle skull and cluster of quartz crystals found in a Roman enclosure at Broken Furrow In the spring of 2021, our Milton Keynes team undertook an excavation at ‘Broken Furrow’ for Orion Heritage and Kendrick Homes Ltd. The site was situated on the northern edge of Hardwick, a suburb of Banbury in Oxfordshire. The remains…
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Gloucester Greyfriars: Roman hilt guard 

Worked bone Roman hilt guard from the Gloucester Greyfriars excavation

Worked bone Roman hilt guard from the legionary fortress at Gloucester Our excavations at the site of Gloucester Greyfriars, on behalf of Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology, took place some ten years ago now. The site lay within the southwestern area of the Roman colonia (fortress) and evidence was found here for Roman buildings,…
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Food for thought at Netherhampton Road

photo of Yorkshire food vessel from excavations on Netherhampton Road, side on view, handle to the right

Rare food vessel recovered from excavations at a Bronze Age Barrow site Whilst excavating at Vistry’s new residential development near Salisbury, Steve and his team uncovered a small Bronze Age barrow cemetery in an unexplored funerary landscape of over 30 ring ditches. The site is located to the south of Netherhampton Road, on the very…
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Fort Gilkicker, Hampshire

Conservation of a Palmerston Fort… When one thinks of a company with the word ‘archaeology’ in the name, the mind is usually drawn to thoughts of sun (or rain) soaked colleagues standing in an immaculately dug hole and showing off their most recent ‘star’ find. While we do a lot of that, we also ‘do’…
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Mining in the Tamar Valley

Tamar Valley Mining sites © Cotswold Archaeology

Conservation of nationally significant mining sites Since 2021 we’ve been surveying four former mining sites in the Tamar Valley. All of the sites are protected as Scheduled Monuments and, at the time of writing, were still recorded on the Historic England Heritage at Risk Register. Our aim? To prepare updated assessments of their condition, along…
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Claverham Works and Court De Wyck: Medieval key

Medieval key from Court de Wyck

…We’re dor-key-ing out over this recent find… This beautiful little key was recently recovered by our Kemble field team from a Newland Homes site near Claverham, North Somerset. The excavation was situated immediately adjacent to the former location of a medieval manor house, Court De Wyck, and during the fieldwork we uncovered a series of walls related to the original building and…
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