Cotswold Archaeology Monograph 13

Timeline: The Archaeology of South Wales Gas Pipeline

Cotswold Archaeology 2020 (hardback, full colour), £20.00

Cotswold Archaeology Monograph 11

A Medieval Punishment Cemetery at Weyhill Road, Andover, Hampshire

Cotswold Archaeology 2020 (hardback, full colour, 00 pages), 19.95£

Cotswold Archaeology Monograph 12

The Prehistoric Archaeology of the A477 St Clears to Red Roses Road Improvement Scheme 2012

Cotswold Archaeology 2019 (hardback, full colour, 180 pages), £ 19.95

Cotswold Archaeology Monograph 10

Cannington Bypass, Somerset: Excavations in 2014. Middle Bronze Age Enclosure at Rodway and Roman Villa at Sandy Lane

Cotswold Archaeology 2018 (hardback, full colour, 157 pages), £ 19.95

Cotswold Archaeology Monograph 9

Living Near the Edge: Archaeological Investigations in the Western Cotswolds along the route of the Wormington to Sapperton Gas Pipeline, 2006 - 2010

Cotswold Archaeology 2016 (hardback, full colour, 240 pages), £21.95

Cotswold Archaeology Monograph 8

Medieval and Post-Medieval Occupation and Industry in the Redcliffe Suburb of Bristol: excavations at 1-2 and 3 Redcliff St, 2003 - 2010

Cotswold Archaeology 2015 (hardback, full colour, 204 pages), £19.95

Cotswold Archaeology Monograph 7 / Wessex Archaeology Monograph 34

A46 Nottinghamshire. The Archaeology of the Newark to Widmerpool improvement Scheme, 2009

Cotswold Archaeology 2014 (hardback, full colour, 502 pages), £7.95

Cotswold Archaeology Monograph 6

The Archaeology of the South-west Reinforcement Gas pipeline, Devon

Cotswold Archaeology 2014 (hardback, full colour, 214 pages), £21.95

Cotswold Archaeology Monograph 5

Friars, Quakers, Industry and Urbanisation: The Archaeology of the Broadmead Expansion Project, Cabot Circus, Bristol, 2005-2008

Cotswold Archaeology 2013 (hardback, full colour, 450 pages), £34.95

Cotswold Archaeology Monograph 4

Excavations at Newport Street, Worcester, 2005. Roman Roadside Activity and Medieval to Post-Medieval Urban Development on the Severn Floodplain

Cotswold Archaeology 2015 (hardback, B & W, 286 pages) £21.95

Cotswold Archaeology Monograph 3

Excavations on the Wormington to Tirley Pipeline, 2000. Four Sites by the Carrant Brook and River Isbourne, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire

Cotswold Archaeology, 2006 (paperback, B & W, 106 pages), Download available

Cotswold Archaeological Trust Monograph 2

An Iron Age Site at Groundwell West, Wiltshire. Excavations in 1996

Cotswold Archaeological Trust, 2001 (paperback, B & W, 64 pages),  Download available