First Opportunity To See The Cirencester Roman Cockerel

In 2011 we excavated a fantastic enamelled bronze figurine of a cockerel in the grave of a Roman child near Tetbury Road in Cirencester. Since then the cockerel has been undergoing conservation but this is now complete and the public will have their first opportunity to see it at the Cotswold Archaeology Annual Lecture which will take place at 7.30 on Wednesday 27 March 2013 in the Bingham Hall, King Street, Cirencester. This year’s lecture is being given by Professor Ray Laurence of Kent University and he will explore what it was like to be a child in Pompeii. Admission is free, so why not come along and not only hear a fascinating account of childhood in Roman Italy, but also see the amazing cockerel which was buried with a young child here in Roman Gloucestershire.

The Bingham Hall is located here:

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